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Dane Marks Academy

The Study of Excellence

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Donations and Spiritual Giving

As members, we practice individual/group giving and faith offerings. As an organisation, we also tithe to other organisations that feed us spiritually and intellectually. The Giving Principle is an advanced law of prosperity based on the universal law of giving and receiving.

Share your giving with us to invite universal blessings in your life. We give collectively to spiritual people, places and organisations where we see the Heart of God in humanity. 


We believe every person has the ability to achieve the highest goals in the life and obtain the best results. Our members apply the following principles to achieve excellence in humanity:

  1. Spiritual Giving and Tithing
  2. Forgiveness and Compassion
  3. Affirmative and Creative Living

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We travel to locations teaching these principles to existing and new members of our academy regardless of background and expression.

We encourage individualism while applying the powerful principles leading to the highest expressions of humanistic living - Love, kindness, intellectual development, compassion, giving, enlightenment, inspiration, empowerment, empathy and sharing through affirmative living.

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Our Courses are focused on the application of universal spiritual teachings in modern day life. Which include;

  1.  Law of Attraction
  2. The Power of Spiritual Giving
  3. Affirmative Living
  4. Sun Tzu, The Art of War.
  5. A Course in Miracles
  6. The Tao te Ching and much more.....

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Our Programs

Business Skills

Health & Safety

Health & Social Care

Our Expertise

Dane Marks Academy, is an International Spiritual Study Group focusing on the study and application of the Law of Attraction. Our studies and practices focus on Ancient Principles to optimize excellent results in the pursuit of self improvement and positive community impact. We are a free thinking, non-denominational universally spiritual group committed to supporting spiritual people, places and organisations to achieve their aims to offer true help and support to people who need and desire it.

Our Teachings

We teach a range of different topics to inspire the mind and create a greater experience through collective synchronicity. Visit our teaching menu for a breakdown of our application of wisdom.

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